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Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal
by Bruce Wiseman

Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal by Bruce Wiseman


Our cities didn't become lawless battlegrounds ruled by criminal gangs without a reason. Nor did drugs travel by themselves from the streets to our grade schools. There have to be reasons why today's high school graduate can't read or find his own city on the map. Or why teenage pregnancies are at an all-time high. Why divorces continue to mount and families shatter. Why feeling good is better than doing good. And why morality is considered out of date. None of it just happened. Earlier this century, the world took a wrong turn. And since then, something has been eating at the foundations of our culture. This something has infiltrated every aspect of our lives - our schools, our courts, our homes - without most of us even knowing it. It has been staring us in the face and we haven't seen it.


Psychiatry, the Ultimate Betrayal tracks this destructive force from its historical beginnings, lays bare its web of influence, and reveals the actions we must take to survive as a society. Once you understand what happened, and why, the world will never look the same to you again. And once you understand why it is still happening, you will want to do something about it. Now you can. Yes, our world is in trouble, but you can help it.


It influences our schools, our courts, our prisons and even our family lives. It is reprinted as gospel in our popular magazines. Its spokespeople are regularly interviewed as authorities on our television screens.

The name? Psychiatry.

In the name of help, it has brutalized hundreds of thousands of individuals, hacking at their brains, searing them with electricity or numbing them with drugs. It has left in its wake shattered lives, ruined bodies and even the dead. The destruction has almost been incomprehensible.

Some of its most notable practitioners have been prosecuted for fraud, for raping helpless patients, for brutalizing those they were supposed to help.

Psychiatry, The Ultimate Betrayal, examines psychiatry from it's historical beginnings to the present and traces its rise to influence in our society. It is a remarkable story of style over substance, of promises over results, and of unrestrained thirst for power. But it is also the story of gullibility: of the politicians who believed the public relations and kept on forking out the dollars; of the educators who violated their duty to pass knowledge on to our young and accepted provenly unworkable theories; of media which naively propagated uninspected claims and wild theories as truth.

The influence of psychiatric thought on our lives has been catastrophic. In this searching examination, you will learn exactly how this has happened, how so much of what we casually think of today as "the way it is" had its beginnings in the faulty theories of men who had less than our best interests at heart.

It is time things changed for the better instead of for the worse. This important book is a tool that will help bring such a change about. It is long overdue.


Director, Office of Consumer Affairs, New Hampshire Hospital, Concord
"I think you know that I found Ultimate Betrayal to be unrivaled portrayal of psychiatry's essential tendency to engage in social engineering under the guise of 'medical expertise' - a dangerous role that they cleverly cultivate at our expense. This book is extremely well done, and I sincerely hope that it will be widely read."

Gary Null, PhD
"After reading this book, no longer will we feel that many completely normal patterns of behavior will arbitrarily be labeled as madness. If anything, the economic self-serving interest of an unscientific group will be shown for what they are - A group of Emperors with no clothes. I am recommending this book for all the healing professionals at our center as well as their patients."

Morton Feldman, Executive Vice President, National Association of Chiefs of Police
"Psychiatry: The Ultimate Betrayal... answers a tremendous number of questions as to what happened to cause the social unrest we see on a daily basis in this country"

Clinton Miller, National Council for Improved Health
"Not since Paul Revere took his midnight ride to alert our forefathers that the British were coming has a WARNING been so urgently needed as the wake-up call you deliver in PSYCHIATRY - THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL"

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